Saturday Brunch: A Little Bit of Everything

Food Politics~~Europe Rejects Droves of Health Claims.

Civil Eats~~Tests Find Wide Range of Bisphenol A in Canned Soups, Juice and More.

(and Marion Nestle of Food Politics discusses these results a bit in Oh No! Bisphenol A Again!)

But on a happier note:

Baking Bits~~Pecan Divinity.

Smitten Kitchen~~Salted Brown Butter Crispy Treats.


From the Sustainability Desk

Sustainable Table~~Miles From Nowhere: Why Does James McWilliams Hate Local Food? Isn’t Inherently Elitist, But Many Are Excluded.

Civil Eats~~Why We Harvest: An Urban Fruit Gleaning Manifesto.

Think About It~~Food and Climate Change–Save or Doom the World While Eating.