I once saw Tauruses described as desiring nothing more than to spend their lives sitting on the sofa, reading a book and snacking on something.  This is true.  I love to read cookbooks, above almost anything else, and the more wordy the better.  Joy of Cooking trumps Better Homes and Gardens as a basic reference, because Joy at least give you a little nibble at the begining of recipes.  I sometimes refer to cookbooks as fiction, because I often have no intention of actually cooking anything out of it, I just want to read about cooking.

Once I discovered the whole genre of Food Blog, I was hooked. Everyone eats, and it seems like only a small proportion of those don’t have a food blog, so there is a lot of reading material out there.  My husband no longer has to listen to me whine, “I have nothing to read”, while staring at I-won’t-say-how-many books.  Instead, he has to ask when I plan on turning off the computer and going to sleep.  And what better way to address the glut of food blogs than to create a food blog?

Well, yeah, I know, not really…  But I’m doing it anyway.  It’s sort of a self-administered blog carnival, where I link to articles that I’ve enjoyed recently.  I’m serious about the glut thing, though; there is way more than just recipes in these blogs so I’m posting by topic, to try and keep things manageable.  Sustainability, politics, essays, gardening and farming, and, of course, recipes.

What are you reading?  Is there a blog or specific post that you love and think I need to see?  Help me out! Especially point me to the small and obscure and unknown.  Send it to me: edgewoodcroft08 (at) gmail (dot) com.


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